People within a Landscape, Dolpo, Nepal

Dolpo is one of the most inaccessible parts of the Himalayas. There are no roads and even after flying to a mountain airstrip there’s several days of walking involved just to get there. Oh….and the Demons Trail,plus a 5000 metre pass to cross and then you’ve gotta walk out again. Throughout you’re rarely below 4,000 metres.

It’s also a restricted area too, so a rather costly special permit is required if you want to enter the Inner Dolpo area.

Is it worth it? That rather depends on your view. For the few that do make the effort, it’s a chance to enter the realm of the Snow Leopard (both the animal and Peter Matthiessons iconic novel) and see a part of the world that by and large remains unchanged. It’s about as opposite to a city as you can get.

The few hardy locals that live here still practice the ancient Bon Po Tibetan faith and life is hard. Very hard.

Version 3

Too see a lot more stunning images of Dolpo, please visit our Dolpo Image Gallery



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