How to combine EVEREST with LUXURY

Many people dream of seeing Everest…it is the world’s highest mountain after all.

But, many are put off by the thought of having to “rough it” in a typical tea house with only the most basic of creature comforts.

We’ll…..the good news is that things have improved. There are now a number of Luxury Trekking Lodges throughout much of the Everest region. It’s a marvel in itself that these very comfortable lodges exist…there are still no roads in the Everest region, yet exist they do.

Just imagine waking up in the comfort of a real bed. You’re staring at Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse and Ama Dablam. Nipping into your en suite bathroom, you take a hot shower and you try your best not to lose the soap as you’re gawping at outrageous snowy peaks through the bathroom window. Then enjoy a hearty breakfast….still gawping.

Of course you saw it all the night before too whilst having dinner (and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine) before retiring to the comfort of your bedroom and admiring the lofty Himalayas, now dark silhouettes beneath the even darker, but star filled sky.

To top it off you’ve got electricity to charge your camera/smart phone and just might even have a mobile signal or wifi so you can really annoy your friends back at home with ‘live’ images, facetweets etc. Now search the online dictionary and rewrite the definition of ‘smug’…and why not? You still had to trek there, so you did earn it. And…..yes….the above scenario is reality.

See our Everest Luxury Trek for more


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