Himalayan Parahawking

Nepal isn’t just trekking.That’s definitely true. There used to be a time when you would have to have weeks and weeks of spare time (nice if you can) to enjoy the Himalayas and be trekking for long periods. Things have changed! Most people don’t have weeks or months of vacation time and want more than just trekking as the one and only activity. Nowadays the sky is the limit (literally) and you can now enjoy a multi activity adventure. In just a two week Nepal adventure you could go mountain biking, rafting, take a jungle safari, fly with a trained bird of prey on a tandem paragliding flight, or try out the world’s fastest zip line. Himalayan micro-light flights, skydiving and hot air balloon rides are taking off too!

UPDATE- This article was published a couple of years ago, since then the Parahawking Centre at Pokhara has closed down.

But, you can still enjoy a tandem paragliding flight from Pokhara (just not with birds other than wild ones!)

See our Nepal Multi-Activity Adventures for more


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