Hiking in Upper Mustang by Stuart Butler – Author of the Rough Guide to Nepal and Lonely Planet Trekking in Nepal

Stuart Butler – Author of the Rough Guide to Nepal and Lonely Planet Trekking in Nepal recently went hiking into Upper Mustang, Nepal with Snow Cat Travel

His account of this Mustang trek has now been published in The National Magazine, UAE, an excerpt from this is reproduced below, with a link to the full article….

On one side, the palm-sized rock was smooth, flat and uninspiring, but turning it over revealed a hypnotic swirl of circular patterns criss-crossed in ribs. It was the fossil of an ammonite, and scattered haphazardly across the ground around me were others. An ammonite is a type of a long-extinct marine mollusc that disappeared from planet Earth about 65 million years ago. So, what was it doing in this unlikely spot 4,000 metres above sea level?


That I was able to hold in my hands signs of life from the age of the dinosaurs was remarkable enough, but what made it even more astounding, was the realisation that the spot at which I now stood had once been the bottom of a tropical ocean. I took in a deep, laboured breath, and looked around me at towering sandstone cliffs rising hundreds of metres. They were pocked with caves like some kind of fairy fortress. Some of these caves had frayed old rope ladders leading up to them, and inside were galleries of ancient Buddhist art. Above and beyond these castles of sand were the black frozen walls of the Himalayas……..

See the full online article here….https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/travel/three-weeks-hiking-in-the-mustang-region-of-the-himalayas-1.668106

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