An Everest Base Camp Trek you can do in a two week vacation – The Everest Heli-Trek

“All my life I’ve dreamed of hiking to Everest Base Camp, but just can’t get the time off work”

That comment is one I’ve heard countless times and up until recently just one of those things that you can only say “Sorry, I can’t help you achieve your dream” to.

After all you can’t move Mount Everest and because of it’s location, the challenging trekking as well as the respect and consideration human beings must give to high altitude, the Everest Base Camp Trek just simply will not fit into a two week vacation.

Everest base camp

At Everest Base Camp

The standard return trek to Everest Base Camp (sensibly and safely) is usually around 17 days and then you’ve got to add two or three days onto that for International travel to and from Nepal. So, you’re realistically looking at needing three weeks holiday.

That just simply isn’t an option for lots of people…..two weeks at a time is about the norm for the majority of us.

I wonder how many frustrated Everest dreamers there are in the world?

Well, for some of those frustrated dreamers, this may well be the solution.

Everest Base Camp and back in just 11 days!

Everest Treks30

Mind blowing Everest view from Kala Pattar

There you go, add in the international travel and that nicely squeezes into a two week Everest Base Camp Trekking vacation.

How can this be? “Simples” (in a cheesy Meerkat voice), cut out the several days of the return trek and fly directly to Kathmandu from the Everest Base Camp area by private helicopter !

On a flight that lasts less than an hour you’ve lopped off six whole days

There are now not only a lot of helicopters in Nepal, but helicopters that can actually reach the heights of Everest Base Camp, and rather importantly land and take off again!

Doesn’t this rather ruin the trek?

Well... no, not really. Especially if you’re one of the thousands that couldn’t consider the Everest Base Camp Trek because of a lack of available time in the first place… you can!

Also the standard trail to Everest Base Camp is basically a linear trek. In other words you go up and then back down again the same way.

Basically  you are simply missing the re-tracing your footsteps anyway.

E(56) (1)

“Your private helicopter flight from the Everest region to Kathmandu is now boarding”

Other than that, you’re not compromising anything. The trek up to Everest Base Camp itself is still EXACTLY THE SAME and thus you can safely claim, “I’ve hiked to Everest Base Camp”.

But, more importantly that previously elusive dream has now been achieved!!!

Check out the Everest-Heli Trek

There is a bit of a compromise you’re gonna have to make though. And that is it’s going to cost you a fair bit more than walking…..did you really think a privately chartered helicopter was going to be cheap?


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