Nepal is great for kids. Fun, stimulating and of great educational value too. Making new friends is easy when you’re a child, and the Nepalese kids are very friendly also. They are taught English from an early age.  We realize that there’s really no such thing as the ‘average’ family though.  Your family is unique, and the fixed, group itineraries are created with an ‘average’ family in mind. These often suit some families, but not all and usually are a compromise vacation for adults and kids alike.

 You know best what the kids will like and not like, and this is where a custom family vacation to Nepalexcels, as it will be designed precisely around your requirements.

 We’ll design your Nepal Family Vacations to suit your family, not someone else’s.  We realize that all families are different and may have more specific needs and desires.  As you’ll see from the multitude of places to visit, things to do, activities, etc. on our suggested itineraries, there’s no shortage of great ideas to include in your own family holiday to Nepal that will keep both kids and teenagers happy. Of course, you can also get lots more great ideas from all our other suggested itineraries on the website too. A Nepal family adventure can be educational too, with many learning experiences along the way. It’s not Disneyland though, and while we believe that traveling in Nepal is suitable for younger children also, we’d suggest that kids aged 7 upwards will enjoy the fun of travel and cultural encounters even more.

See our suggested Nepal Family Adventures


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