Bhutan Through The Lens – An illustrated video journey

Enjoy this journey through the magical Kingdom of Bhutan. Discover mesmerising Dzongs, walk high and wild in the Himalayas, witness colourful Bhutan festivals and meet the wonderful Bhutanese people along the way! Snow Cat Travel are custom trek and tour specialists for Nepal and Bhutan


Bhutan Festivals – Our “at a glance” guide

Bhutan is renowned for its colourful festivals. Some Bhutan festivals (Tsechu's) are now very well known amongst travelling circles and have become very popular tourist attractions too as a result. Other Bhutan festivals remain a much more local affair and present a more intimate experience for the discerning traveller to Bhutan.

The Ultimate Bhutan Travel Guide

The REAL “Magic Kingdom- Nestling in the Eastern Himalayas, between India and Tibet, Bhutan is a stunning destination for the intrepid traveller. It is home to a beautiful and varied landscape, a wealth of cultural sights, and a diverse people. Here’s everything you need to know, from the capital of Bhutan to visa rules.

Why is a visit to Bhutan so expensive?

This commonly asked question really depends upon what you are using to determine “value”. Absolutely, if you use money alone as the only factor, then there’s no doubt about it. Bhutan is appalling value for money. Especially if compared to Nepal. Bhutan is going to cost you maybe six times more than Nepal, on as “near as you can get” like for like basis. The best way we can describe Bhutan is that is a 10 Star experience at 5 Star prices, but you only get 2 Star in return for your money.

About Travel Insurance -The private helicopter ride in the Himalayas you do not want

ADVENTURE - “Something you do that involves risk and where the outcome is uncertain” At Snow Cat Travel we turn dreams into reality. Whilst we are all familiar with the phrase “making dreams come true”, we prefer own own take on this by including reality. The reality of Adventure Travel, Nepal and Bhutan and we insist that you must have Travel Insurance AND it must be adequate too. It’s compulsory and there are several good reasons why. The most important being for your sake.