Family is Family – Nepal Himalaya

Family life in a remote Himalayan mountain village in Nepal has many similarities to family life just about anywhere.The kids have school homework to do....meals need to be cooked....a living needs to be earned etc. The basic needs of shelter, warmth, love, food, water are the same.....the difference is that a lot of this isn't … Continue reading Family is Family – Nepal Himalaya

Prayer (Mani) Wall – Everest region-Nepal Himalayas

Mani Walls are found throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal. Usually at higher elevations where Buddhism is prevalent.You should always walk past them on the left side.They are walls containing a number of inscribed tablets - Om mani padme hum, hence the name "Mani Wall" This one was shot on the way to Everest Base … Continue reading Prayer (Mani) Wall – Everest region-Nepal Himalayas