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Your trip to Nepal with Snow Cat Travel will be exclusive and private…for you and your party only whether you’re wishing to travel solo, with your partner, your family or in an intimate group of friends.

 A tailor made/custom trip is the complete opposite of the mass market inflexible, fixed departure, “join a large group of other people” style of travel.

But, we have over 50 amazing suggested itineraries to inspire you with.

Select from any of the categories below and begin your own personal journey to Nepal!                                              

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Take your pick! Nepal is far from short of Classic Himalayan treks. Whether it’s the standard trekking route to Everest Base Camp, or circuit treks of the Annapurna region, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri, the choices for a walking holiday in the Nepal Himalayas are just incredible. 

The advent of a new breed of higher standard luxury trekking lodges in Nepal is great. In fact we’d describe them as ‘amazing’. Primarily in the Everest and Annapurna regions there are now a number of very good luxury lodges for trekkers. So no camping and no roughing it in tea houses!

Yes, you really can enjoy a two week Nepal trek. We’ve even got shorter Nepal treks than that too. Even on a short Nepal trek you can even find yourself off the beaten track too. Although shorter in duration, some are reasonably challenging, whilst others are fairly easy treks.

Nepal is great for kids. Fun, stimulating and of great educational value too. Making new friends is easy when you’re a child and the Nepalese kids are very friendly too.

Nepal is steeped in history and culture and is proud of its rich heritage. The religions of Hinduism and Buddhism co-exist and flourish, providing a wealth of ornate temples, stupas and other religious monuments and symbols.

Nepal isn’t just trekking.That’s definitely true. There used to be a time when you would have to have weeks and weeks of spare time (nice if you can) to enjoy the Himalayas and be trekking for long periods. Things have changed!

 As part of a tailor-made mountain biking holiday in Nepal we can include some of the best day rides in the Kathmandu Valley area to a full on assault of the gruelling Annapurna Circuit.

The chances are that wherever you go in Nepal you’ll encounter wildlife. Even if looking for natural encounters isn’t really your thing, a visit to world famous Chitwan National Park is something to seriously consider for a couple of days.

You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that the Himalayan mountains create some of the worlds most powerful rivers, and consequently some of the best white water rafting experiences in the world.

Buddhism and Hinduism co-exist and flourish in Nepal and to many (naturally including the locals themselves), Nepal is very much a spiritual country and one where people travel to perhaps find their own inner peace, with the clutter of their ‘own world’ far, far away.