Why Nepal is Number One-Lonely Planet

This is why the world’s most respected guide book publisher-Lonely Planet– has selected Nepal as “Best Value Destination” for 2017.

Not only that, Lonely Planet also says Nepal is Top Ten in “Best in Travel” too.

Lonely Planet chooses Snow Cat Travel for “top secret” mission impossible in Nepal

Nepal also has the “three F’s” too.

What are these three F’s?…..




Nepal has always been well known as a budget destination, but in recent years it has been quietly going upmarket too. You can get 5* Luxury Hotels at 3* prices compared to Europe.

Actually even better than that as many of our own customers say that Nepal provides a 10* visitor experience! Simply put, people fall in love with Nepal.

Nepal is renowned for being one of the friendliest and most hospitable countries in the world.


Being made to feel welcome has surely got to be important for any visitor. The usual greeting in Nepal, “Namaste”, translates as “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”. There are few places where you’ll get such a greeting!

It has the world’s highest mountain – Everest, and is already well known for trekking.


But, Nepal is also family friendly too. Kids can have a great time in Nepal. Lots of activities for them to do. Kids also make friends easily too and most Nepalese kids learn to speak English when they are young, so there’s lots of opportunities for fun and games with the local kids too.


There’s plenty more…

Sure, Nepal has always been on the budget backpackers list but there’s absolutely no reason to rough it as there are also:

Five Star City Hotels


Many International Luxury Hotels can be found in Kathmandu

Luxurious Himalayan Spa Resorts


Dwarika’s Himalayan Resort at Dhulikel provides luxury suites, holistic spa treatments and yoga. Pamper yourself silly here.

Atmospheric Boutique Country Inns


Combine cosy comforts and rural architectural heritage at The Famous Farm-Nuwakot Village

First Class Trekking Accommodation


higher standard of trekking lodges now exist in the Everest & Annapurna regions for Luxury Treks

Sumptious Jungle Safari Lodges


Wonderful wildlife and luxury combine at the Barahi Jungle Lodge, Chitwan

Of course when you think of Nepal, the mighty Himalaya is usually what first comes to mind.

But, Nepal is so much more than high, snowy peaks-although they are very spectacular.

You can see…

There are ancient cities to explore….


Temples galore and more in medieval Bhaktapur

Nepal remains a largely rural country, so you just have to get out of the cities and into the “middle hills” to meet the real and traditionalNepal.


Timeless, traditional villages can be found throughout Nepal

Then there are the lowland jungles too. Who wouldn’t want to go in search of a tiger?


Sometimes….just sometimes a Tiger “pops out” like here in Chitwan National Park

As for activities…

Well, as far as activities go….the sky is the limit…..literally!

There are flights to Everest-by plane or private helicopter, Himalayan balloon flights and now there’s skydiving too. But two of the best are:

Micro-Light Flights in the Himalayas


Well, you did want to see the Himalaya didn’t you?

Paragliding with a trained Bird of Prey


There’s Paragliding,  there’s Himalayan Paragliding and then there’s Parahawking!

For thrill seekers there’s…

The world’s longest, fastest zip line


90 MPH speeds can be reached on the 850 metre descent!

Bungee Jumping


Come to Nepal and throw yourself of a bridge….a big bridge!

Then there’s also…

Mountain Biking


From quiet back country roads to full on Himalayan descents and technical single track. Mountain Biking in Nepal rocks.



Big Mountains=Big Rivers and whilst some of the world’s best whitewater rafting can be found in Nepal, there are plenty of  gentler rafting opportunities too.

Himalayan Wildlife


As well as jungle wildlife, there’s life in the Himalayas too. Surely the ultimate (and hard earned) prize for any wildlife enthusiast is to see a Snow Leopard in the wild?

But, here’s the thing. As I said earlier people really do fall in love with Nepal. Many come back and back again.

Why? Magnificent scenery, culture, heritage, activities is all well and good.

But, IMHO Nepal’s REAL “Jewel in the Crown” are the people of Nepal.


The food is pretty tasty too

The people of Nepal touched my heart a great many years ago. I consider myself privileged to call these people “friends”.

Until you visit Nepal yourself and meet the people of Nepal, what Nepal really is cannot be fully appreciated.

Go there and prepare to fall in love….

You can find out more about Nepal; things to do (including some oddball stuff), places to see etc at Snow Cat Travel


Lonely Planet chooses Snow Cat Travel for “top secret” mission impossible in Nepal



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