The Demons Trail & Phoksundo Lake-Dolpo, Nepal

Isolated and remote, the restricted access Dolpo region of Nepal has near mythical status. Immortalised in the Eric Valli film “Himalaya” and the classic Peter Matthiessen novel “The Snow Leopard”, the Bon Po faith thrives beneath the Crystal Mountain at the legendary Shey Gompa.

Reaching Upper Dolpo (for locals and tourists alike) involves many days of challenging trekking over high mountain passes, as well as negotiating the fearsome “Demon’s Trail” that skirts its way perilously above the impossibly turquoise waters of the stunningly beautiful Phoksundo Lake.

At an altitude of approx. 3600m, Phoksundo Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world and the deepest in Nepal.

Want to see more of Dolpo?

Check out our extensive Dolpo Photo Gallery


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